Professional IT Staffing and Recruiting

BoriCats Technology, Inc. specializes in delivering staffing and recruiting services by providing our clients the most prepared, professional, trained and experienced personnel available. The nature of our success when it comes to staffing and the IT solutions service industry lies in our meticulous, thorough and selective hiring process. BoriCats trained professionals are trained to work towards our client’s needs and produce whilst giving our client’s the least hassle possible. We’ve trained our professionals to identify problems and provide solutions. Our tough hiring process rigorously analyses each and one of our candidates and their ability to be versatile, effective, efficient and innovative towards our client’s goals. We thoroughly evaluate our professional personnel’s technical expertise towards the high-standard services that we offer our clients and provide them with just the right candidate for their requirement’s and needs. Such style of expertise was achieved through years of experience through different industries and vast amounts of networking that help us understand our client’s industry and provide them the ideal professional for their needs. BoriCats Technology, Inc. is deeply committed to help our clients maintain their competitive advantage by delivering cost-effectively professionals where, when and how you need them most, therefore providing the highest standards of service, reducing total costs and allowing for maximum profits.

IT Staffing Services:

  • Direct Hire; this is the ideal solutions for companies in need of professional technical resources that may lack the recruiting and staffing expertise or resources to attract the ideal candidates. BoriCats runs our complete recruiting and screening process and charges the client a one-time hiring fee (a percentage of the new employee’s annual salary) and a guarantee of provision, should the candidate not work out.


  • Contract-to-Hire / Temp-to-Hire; this results as a very popular and risk-free way for a client to acquire professional employees. BoriCats will provide the technical professionals to the client as a consultant for an hourly bill rate. The client retains the option to directly hire the professional, in which case, a conversion fee will be charged determined by the length of time the professional stays billable to the client as an employee of BoriCats. This gives the client company the ability to monitor work performance of a professional prior to marking a formal employment offer.


  • Consulting / Contract Services; this service is an ideal solution for companies that experience frequent fluctuation in their need for technical resources. As projects evolve, BoriCats can provide and supply the necessary technical resources. These professionals are provided for an hourly bill rate for the contract period required by the client. BoriCats will manage all the paperwork and payroll function with the professional.


Our Hiring Process

When hiring, we understand and take priority in the cost of recruitment and in providing the ideal people to the needs that need to be met for our client. We also understand that the timing and length results crucial for our clients for which our process allows our recruiters to supply resources that match the client’s needs and requirement without compromising the quality of our personnel’s service. BoriCats Technology’s recruiting procedures include compulsory phases of evaluation and practices of quality control when hiring, designed to assist and aid our recruiter’s in making accurate, on-point and cost-effective decisions during the hiring process.

Candidate Sourcing

We understand the difficulty in finding the perfect and ideal professionals and the hassle that it may present to our client’s when they’re on a deadline, in BoriCats, we use the most innovative recruiting and sourcing technologies to fulfill our client’s needs. In addition, we apply emphasis on our personal relationships and on referral-based sourcing which allows us easily find the talented professional that’s needed for our client. This sourcing technique has historically been reliable in finding skilled candidates and when complemented by our more thorough evaluations adds up to a very accurate process that helps us find what the client needs and discard personnel that’s not fit for the client’s requirements or for our quality standards.

Candidate Screening & Qualification

Every BoriCats Technology professional must undergo the screening and qualifying process that evaluates technical expertise on their area and their ability to engage in workplace or work environment relationship whilst producing effectively and carry out the project whilst keeping the client as hassle free as possible. Our recruiters are required to follow the structured screening and filtering process in order to identify the suitable and ideal candidates for the position looking to be staffed and fulfilled.

Our screening process ensures that each candidate is qualified for:

  • Technical skills and expertise on their role
  • Professionalism, reliability and commitment
  • Ability to adapt to new environments quickly
  • Team-oriented style of working, therefore being able to work and maintain a professional relationship towards a common goal
  • Interpersonal communication skills

Employee Support Systems

BoriCats Technology’s Account Manager’s responsibilities include those of consistently evaluating the performance and maintaining our professionals up to date regarding their expertise and knowledge therefore maintaining the top notch and high standards of quality that BoriCats guarantees and also maintaining the consistency of our personnel’s services. To ensure that our business’s processes are being abided and put into effect, BoriCats Technology, Inc. makes it mandatory for all of our Account Managers to:

  • Maintain relationships and serving as a liaison between BoriCats Technology, Inc. and the client whilst also watching over and being responsible of the wellbeing and mutually beneficial, professional relationship between our staffed professional personnel and the client they’re serving for.
  • Respond to inquiries from our professionals, providing explanations and supporting documentation if necessary. Attending to their concerns and addressing them properly.
  • Perform basic research to resolve issues and problems on behalf of our professional staff and proactively taking steps to maintain and develop a relationship with our professionals to ensure loyalty, retention in term of employment and a good attitude towards his or her current project therefore maintaining our high standards of service.

Post Placement Assurance

BoriCats Technology, Inc. remains strictly devoted to the policies and procedures to monitor the on-going progress of our professional personnel after they have started and taken part in a client’s project. Since the time one of our professional staff gets assigned to a client’s project, the Account Manager stays in contact with the client and the consultant to ensure that every client’s expectations is being met and that their needs are being addressed in addition to watching over our professional staff’s well-being and him or her being in a healthy work environment.


Service Guarantee

BoriCats Technology, Inc. guarantees optimum performance and maximum effort of all the professionals we provide for our clients. As we take pride into providing the best possible professionals and we trust our recruiting process and system to not deliver an inadequate professional for our client’s needs. We’re committed to providing the highest quality services and technical professionals.

Contact us today to speak with an Account Manager who can help you put your plan into action for your IT staffing needs.