Application Development

BoriCats Technology’s custom software and application development services are set to address and aid evolving business. Boricats defines, designs and builds custom applications tailored to meet your business requirements. We deliver flexible and easy-to-use and maintain applications that work at the highest of levels in terms of quality. Our applications are modular therefore facilitating enhancement and modifications whilst not compromising their reliability and the secure framework that we build onto our applications.

Our customized application development team provides to you and your company an opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage by using technology in a more productive and effective way than your competitors, and this doesn’t have to result in a large-scale expense. Let us serve you and allow us to take pride into providing you an advantage in your business, at the best price in the market. Our solutions regarding efficiency and smart methods can aid and service anyone, from industry leaders to small companies; they minimize costs and provide competitive advantage with incomparable easy-of-use but completely functional applications.

Our skilled programmers have vast expertise in development technologies over a wide selection of custom programming platforms. We take into account every single detail and aspect of your project during the different phases of the customized development of your application. You, as a customer, shouldn’t have to adapt to a software; have the software adapt and developed to meet your needs.

Also, our team of professionals strongly emphasizes on providing quality results and on-time delivery of your request. We ensure that our flexible and well-structured procedures and productive solutions will help resolve your problems to aid you in achieving your targets and milestones.

We offer a wide variety of services to address your requirements in the application development area, amongst these:

  • Application Architecture and Design
  • Application Enhancements
  • Custom Application Development
  • Re-engineering of Existing applications
  • Platform Evaluation and Architecture
  • Requirements Management considering the Business Procedures
  • Web-enabling Legacy Applications
  • Development and Deployment
  • Migration of Legacy Applications to Modern Technology Platforms
  • Testing Services

In addition, we offer application development services on the following software technologies:

  • Advanced Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlet), Struts, Tiles, Tapestry, Velocity and JSF, JBoss RichFaces, JBoss Seams, IceFaces, EJB (Session Beans, Entity Beans and Message Driven Beans), Spring Framework, ORM (Hibernate, iBatis and TopLinks), Java Message Service XML-RPC, JMX (Java Management Extension), JNDI, RMI, JDBC, Java Applets, Java Swing, amongst others.
  • CMS: DotNetNuke
  • Web Development: Asp 3.0, ASP .Net, Web Services, WPF, Ajax, Web 2.0
  • Microsoft .Net Platform (2.0 , 3.0 , 3.5)
  • Windows applications programming: C#, VB .Net, WCF
  • Sun Java / J2EE Platform
  • Core Java
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL)