Database Design and Modeling

Our database-driven solutions give new approaches to effective business information management thanks to the versatility of data recovery, storage and management processes that our work provides. BoriCats Technology’s expertise lays in web based and client-server applications development process, by engaging and employing the data structuring and utilizing the advantages that databases provide, to our clients, with efficient and scalable solutions. BoriCats Technology is highly experienced with the following databases: MySQL, MS-SQL 2000, MS-SQL 2005, Sybase, MS Access, PostgreSQL, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, amongst others.

Our procedure towards Database Design and Modeling is the following:

  1. Planning

Our business analysts will perform a thorough and in-depth planning towards the client’s needs to determine the requirement and plan the solution centered and designed accordingly.

  1. Data Modeling

Considering the types of data that the solution will manage, our development specialists will work out the relationships between the database entities and modules to ensure the database’s reliability and optimum performance.

  • Capacity Strength

Taking into consideration the amount of processed data can continuously increment, BoriCats Technology gives its full attention to the strength and capacity of the database. We develop a database that can handle date growth by well distributing and utilizing the space and storage for data and by adding features to withstand possible future applications and add-ons applying various performance optimization options.

  1. Migration of Legacy Systems and Data

BoriCats experts provide our clients with top notch database implementation services that include integration of existing application and data to their newly developed database solution.

  1. Post-Implementation Review

After the database has been designed, developed and integrated, we’ll perform an operational checkout and testing to ensure optimum performance and that the database meets the high standards of quality that we guarantee.

This process allows us to supply and provide our clients with the best database design on the market that is bound and sure to improve their business performance and end-users satisfaction.